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Artist Development

Musical Theatre Training

About the programme

At Vivo D’Arte, through musical theatre training, we aim to nurture the next generation of performers. So they are ready for the biggest stages. We offer numerous performance opportunities throughout the academic year. All designed to help hone skills and allow every performer’s full potential to be realised. Among the opportunities you will receive, are two performance credits in full-scale musicals. In addition, there is the potential of a third with a showcase production. this will take place in the summer of 2023 upon graduation from the programme.

Because, by the time you leave us, we want you to be comfortable working, rehearsing and performing in a professional environment. So you are ready for the world of elite musical theatre and an attractive proposition for any casting director. We believe, learning through performance is the greatest way to prepare for a life in performance. Throughout the year, you will not only take part in the full-scale musicals, but will also have a chance to delve into other formats. Such as plays, concerts, revues, cabarets, and devised works. 

Working with professionals from within the industry, you will be pushed to become the best version of yourself as a person and a performer. And all within a safe and encouraging space. Our tutors will work with you to ensure that you are familiar with what’s most suitable for you in terms of your casting bracket. However, your training does not stop at the on-stage practicalities. 

Because the life of an artist can be a tough one. And this is something that we do not shy away from. We have real-life experience of the difficulties that can be faced and will prepare you for everything that can be thrown your way. Whether this is the administration of registering as self-employed, invoicing, tax implications, self-promotion, managing your online presence, designing a performer’s CV, or managing your own Spotlight profile. Because we will guide you through any potential pitfalls and create well-rounded and refined artists. 

Who is the programme designed for?

You should be aged 18+ and have a strong desire to undertake musical theatre training and work in the industry.

It is our hope that our students would wish to enter the industry upon graduating. There is a wide range of reasons why you might want to take the course. You may have graduated from college/conservatoire, but didn’t feel you were showcased in an appropriate way and are looking for further opportunities. Or, you may be looking for agent representation. Or you may have a desire to refine your performance skills and find a suitable casting bracket.

And we understand that financial constraints can often be an issue. So, our course provides an opportunity for those who cannot afford formal, full-time training. You may wish to broaden your skill set as an artist in order to open up other paths in other areas of performing arts. Or, you may just be looking for a change of career path.

The course highlights

Performance credits

Two performance credits in full-scale musicals. As well as a third option upon graduation

Industry casting

We will offer industry-appropriate casting in all the projects we undertake

1:1 coaching and mentoring

We provide one-to-one coaching and personal development mentoring throughout the course

Professional exposure

We offer significant exposure to affiliated industry professionals, from all aspects of the industry

Skill enhancement

We also have a clear focus on non-performance-based professional profile skill enhancement

Work opportunities

Running in parallel with your studies, we provide performance-based work opportunities

Profit share scheme

We understand the financial challenge when you are starting out and have schemes to help

Tailored experience

Above all else, we promise to offer a personally tailored experience for each individual

When and where?

The musical theatre training course will last for 35 weeks from September 2022 to July 2023, split into six terms.

You will be present for four days a week for your musical theatre training. All classes are undertaken at Vivo HQ in Aylesbury. We have three dedicated and fully equipped rehearsal and performance spaces with air conditioning, WiFi and bluetooth audio systems. Our HQ is newly refurbished, and is a vibrant and safe learning environment. In addition, we also have a dedicated recording studio. And there is ample free parking with coffee and shopping close by.

Course details term by term

The musical theatre training course is split into six terms across the year

Each of our terms offers distinct activities. Beginning at the deep end with a full-scale musical production through to an immersive site-specific production at the end of the year, we offer a wide range of opportunities.

Term 1


The first term will be intensive musical theatre training across a range of disciplines. In order to hone and advance your existing skills. So, working with our professional team of tutors and coaches, you will be prepared for life in the rehearsal room. As well as on the stage. Providing a solid technical grounding for the next term and beyond.

Term 2


The focus for this six-week term will be to create a full-scale musical, culminating in five performances in a regional or off-West End venue. As well as exposure to casting directors and agents and more.

Term 3


The first Spring term will focus on honing students’ skills in practical, non-performance-based work. Such as teaching and leading specific community outreach projects. 

Term 4

New musical

As the year moves towards Easter, your fourth term will be focused on the research and development of new musical writing. Including workshopping new pieces of work before moving into a full production.

Term 5


The first Summer term will be used for an industry showcase for students. Here, each individual will be given the opportunity to perform on their own. And also as part of an ensemble. This will take place in a regional touring venue or smaller West End venue. 

Term 6


The final term will consist of a full scale, immersive musical production, in a site-specific location. Because immersive theatre is becoming a far more popular art form. So, the production will provide an experience that very few performers get to experience while training.

The costs

Value for money

At Vivo D’arte, we aim to provide value for money in everything we do. So, we price our musical theatre training courses as competitively as possible. In order to ensure that as many people as possible are able to afford them.

How to apply

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I have met some fantastic people and have challenged myself to achieve something I never thought I could.


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