Term by term

The gap year course
is split into three terms

Each term offers our students specific and unique development opportunities.

Each of the terms targets different objectives. Throughout the autumn, students focus rigorously on audition preparation before their industry showcase in the Spring, finishing with the finale of a fully staged musical production.

Term 1: Preparation

Duration: 12 weeks

Dates: 15th September to 15th December 2023

The focus of the opening term is to acclimatise our students to the expectations and discipline required for life at a top drama school or conservatoire.  

Across the three main disciplines – acting, singing and dancing, our work fully focuses on technical enhancement specifically for audition situations. 

We also pride ourselves on our industry links and throughout the term will host masterclasses from all aspects of the industry, from performers to casting directors and agents.

We ensure to help guide our students through the applications process for their chosen institutions and offer assistance with their personal statements and UCAS/CUCAS admin.

The term will culminate in an end of term cabaret on the last Friday before the Christmas break.

Term 2: Showcase

Duration: 12 weeks

Dates: 5th January – 29th March 2024

Easter sees the focus shift to an industry showcase for all students, coached and mentored on a one-to-one basis by the team of industry professionals.

Each student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their strongest skills and casting suitability, whilst engaging in ensemble work to support their colleagues.

This showcase will be professionally filmed for use on students’ Spotlight profiles, websites and other such promotional material.

Term 3: Production

Duration: 12 weeks

Dates: 19th April to 19th July 2024

Our third and final term finishes the year with our production of a fully staged musical from the repertoire. Students audition and rehearse the show from the ground up, simulating the professional process.

With each student covering multiple tracks, the project is designed to prepare for the physically, vocally and emotionally demanding job of staring in a commercial musical theatre production.

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